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Thursday, March 5, 2009

"Babbage," "The Brass Teapot," "Displaced," "My Turtle's Name Is Dudley," Are Final Four in Global Haydenfilms 4.0 Online Film Festival

16 Countries Represented by Semi-Finalists; $10,000 Grand Prize Winner Will Be Announced at August Ceremony In Los Angeles

Kutztown, Pa.--Haydenfilms LLC, headquartered here, announced today that the four finalists in its global 4.0 Online Film Festival are "Babbage," "The Brass Teapot," "Displaced," and "My Turtle's Name Is Dudley" representing the United Kingdom and America. Sixteen countries are represented among the 53 semi-finalists selected in public judging.

Several hundred entries were submitted for the 2008-2009 festival. The four finalists will compete for a $10,000 grand prize and other honors. The grand prize winner will be announced at a special ceremony in August in Los Anegles. Details of that event will be announced shortly.

One lucky member, Californian Emily Star, won the special $1,000 Viewers' Appreciation Award.

Haydenfilms Online Film Festival was among the first solely online film festivals, beginning in October 2004, as a way for independent filmmakers to showcase their works to the online community. It accepts all genres including shorts (under 10 minutes), animation, experimental and documentary films with a maximum length of 35 minutes.

"I think it is pretty amazing that our festival is attracting independent and student filmmakers from around the world. The quality of our entries continues to grow and cover an even more diverse array of subjects, many that are very topical. Based on the opinion of thousands of members, our Final Four truly represent filmmaking at its finest and we expect a very close competition to determine our final," said Hayden Craddolph, president and founder of Haydenfilms.

Craddolph provided details on each of the final films:

  • "Babbage," directed by Claire Barker and produced by Trevor Hughes, is a 2008 film from the United Kingdom and a pilot for a feature project. The 15-minute film was inspired by the Victorian inventor Charles Babbage, a man equally famous for inventing the computer and failing to build it. Part historical drama, part fantasy, the film introduces us to those Babbage loved and lost. Babbage's story is one of inventive genius and failure.

  • "The Brass Teapot" is directed and produced by Ramaa Mosley. This 23-minute American entry is a tale of Alice and John who buy a teapot and get much more than they bargained for.

  • "Displaced" is another U.S. film directed by Klaus Pas and produced by Klaus Pas and Guy Pas. In it, Arnaud runs a famous jazz club in Paris where the displaced gravitate, victims of the global trends that model our society. To the beat of pianist Smokey Sam, they will gather together to witness a cry for hope from Mady, an illegal immigrant from Mali, hiding with his son. It is 30 minutes long.

  • "My Turtle's Name is Dudley," directed by Johnny Gill and produced by LaJonel Brown, is the 17-minute story of a young woman enjoying shopping with her mother and an image across the street suddenly transports her back to her childhood, where she relives a memory that had deep inside her, being molested by her father. She, along with her best friend, Dudley, watches her.

"It is always good news when your film is selected at a festival, said Klaus Pas. "Displaced" being named a Haydenfilms finalist carries a very special meaning because our film tries to share cross-cultural humanism and the fact that it is being shown in the U.S. and across the Internet means that it can reach its ideal audience, people from all over the world.

"Making "Displaced" was a linguistic challenge for many of our actors, some who never spoke a word of Mandarin and Bambara before. I hope that the film will touch the soul of everyone in a different way and that it can remind us that we all live close to each other and go through our lives without truly ever noticing each other."

Trevor Hughes said, "being a part of the Haydenfilms Online Film Festival has been a great boost to "Babbage." As filmmakers you always want a new audience and being in competition gave us the opportunity to have our film seen by people internationally. We were especially pleased with the competition we were up against."

"Simply put, this is awesome," said Johnny Gill. "I am ecstatic about "Dudley's" place as a finalist. This is a huge, huge honor for everyone involved in what we think is a very powerful film about abuse. We look forward to the final Four voting."
Haydenfilms, founded in 2001, is an independent film production and
distribution company. Its mission is to create and foster an online network of independent and student film producers, and to provide the support and resources necessary for filmmakers to succeed. In addition to the Haydenfilms Online Film Festival, the Haydenfilms web site provides industry news, a crew database, production boards and shopping for filmmaking software and equipment. The Haydenfilms On The Road series offers further insight into and support of student and independent filmmakers.

For details, visit www.haydenfilms.com. Or call 610-894-9639.

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Haydenfilms 4.0 Festival Semi-Finalists

  1. A Flight Ticket (13m, U.S.) dir. by Mina Park

  2. Ashes (19m, Russian Federation) dir. by Jun Dohan

  3. Babbage (15m, United Kingdom) dir. by Claire Barker

  4. Bed Head (7m, U.S.) dir. by Anthony Fisher

  5. Behind Closed Doors (35m, U.S.) dir. by Eddie Smith

  6. Crossing Numbers (12m, Spain, U.S.) dir. by Abel Gonzalez

  7. Callalilly (8m, U.S.) dir. by Stephen Chiodo

  8. Displaced (30, U.S.) dir. by Klaus Pas

  9. Eat (2m, U.S.) dir. by Michal Finegold

  10. Expendable (18m, U.S.) dir. by David Malki

  11. Feathers To The Sky (18m, U.S.) dir. by Leonardo Ricagni

  12. Forgive Me My Sins (10m, United Kingdom) dir. by Roxanna Hossain-Danae

  13. Garlic Boy (4m, South Korea, U.S.) dir. by Jin Choi

  14. Glass (7m, Australia) dir. by Jayne Montague

  15. Heart Squared (9m, Japan, U.S.) dir. by Mizuho Endo

  16. Interior Bajo Izquierda (10m, Peru) dir. by Diego Vega Vidal

  17. I'll Tell Him (6m, France) dir. by Juliette Steimer

  18. Piece Of Land (20m, Hong Kong, India) dir. by Arunachalam Swaminathan

  19. Konflooent (17min., U.S.) dir. by Raj Pathak

  20. The Insomniac (10min., France) dir. by Mathieu MAZZONI

  21. Lifted (29min., U.S.) dir. by Randall Dottin

  22. Leaving Gussie (35min., U.S.) dir. by Wendy Bednarz

  23. Miss Bertram's Awakening (25min., U.S.) dir. by Sadhbh Walshe

  24. Monday (2min., Canada) dir. by Jadyn Aguilar

  25. Morphine (4min., Canada) sub. by Jesse Davidge

  26. Mr. Lux (4min., U.S.) dir. by Michael Jantze

  27. My Turtle's Name Is Dudley (17min., U.S.) dir. by Johnny Gill

  28. Night Of Asches (11min., Brazil) dir. by Larissa Vereza

  29. Officer Down (21min., U.S.) dir. by Richard Recco

  30. Outsource (12min., U.S.) dir. by Daniel Trezise

  31. Raccoon And Crawfish (8min., U.S.) sub. by Terrance Frederick

  32. Rachel (4min., United Kingdom) dir. by Andrew Oakes

  33. Red Princess Blues Animated (8min., U.S.) dir. by Dan Cregan

  34. "Red Zone" (10m, Italy, U.S.) dir. by Giorgia Farina

  35. Roots (22min., Morocco) dir. by Alaoui Lamharzi Az Alarabe

  36. Seventh And Hill (20min., U.S.) dir. by RyanNeil Postas

  37. Skeletons In The Closet (10min., Sweden) dir. by Ulrik Friberg

  38. Soul Intentions (16min., U.S.) dir. by Kerry Parker

  39. Spreading Holiday Joy From Lumpy And Waddles (2min., U.S.) dir. by Damon Wong

  40. Struck (7min., U.S.) dir. by Taron Lexton

  41. Summer Breeze (16min., Australia, United Kingdom) dir. by Kim Strobl

  42. The Brass Teapot (23min., U.S.) sub. by Ramaa Mosley

  43. The Honey Trap (28min., Sweden) dir. by Kicki Kjelli

  44. The Moon (7min., U.S.) dir. by Kyung Hee Shon

  45. The Martial Artist (20min., U.S.) dir. by Will Vinton

  46. The Outlaw Emmett Deemus (8min., U.S.) dir. by Stephan Spak-Fleet

  47. The Umbrella (4min., United Kingdom) dir. by Aashni Shah

  48. The Quiet (3min., U.S.) dir. by Kike Mesa

  49. This Is A Story About Ted And Alice (16min., U.S.) dir. by Teressa Tunney

  50. Uninvited (12min., United Kingdom) dir. by Shaune Harrison

  51. Wait... (9min., U.S.) dir. by Bob Pondillo

  52. Warsaw (14min., U.S.) dir. by Noah Lagin

  53. Waves (17min., Romania) sub. by Adrian Sitaru