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Category: Movie Posters, Memorabilia & Collectibles
Description: Formerly known as Beach Video Services, we started our business as a small video production company in Toronto, Canada in 1991. We are now expanding to include many new products including audio adapters with phantom power, preamps, limiters, etc., as well as portable stereo VU meters. Stay tuned to our web page for future products. All our products come with a full one year warranty and we offer free technical help anytime.

Beloit International Film Festival
Category: Film Festivals
Description: The Beloit International Film Festival, or 'BIFF,' is being called a lot of things by film makers, from "a must attend event" to "a fly-in destination," to "the next big thing." BIFF is a film festival the way film festivals used to be—where everybody has a chance to get together at night and talk about the films they have seen with the film makers and actors. During the day, there is a chance to attend panel discussions and classes with people involved in film. And then there is a chance to see the films everybody is talking about in their second showing later in the weekend.

Bendfilm Festival
Category: Film Festivals
Description: Against the backdrop of the majestic Cascade Mountains, the rustic recreational haven of Bend, Oregon, is transformed for four days into a bustling center for filmmakers and film lovers alike. Centered entirely in historic downtown Bend, the 2005 BendFilm Festival featured over 60 films on four screens, filmmaking lectures, a frenzy of parties, and special events for an audience of over 11,000 patrons of alternative cinema. The BendFilm Festival audience is unique in the Central Oregon region. Our festival attracts a group of well-informed media consumers who seek alternatives to mainstream sources of information and entertainment, and who enjoy supporting the arts through their patronage.

Berlin International Film Festival
Category: Film Festivals
Description: Around 400 films are shown every year as part of the Berlinale programme, the vast majority of which are world or European premieres. Films of every genre, length and format can be submitted for consideration. The Berlinale is divided into different sections, each with its own unique profile.

Bermuda International Film Festival
Category: Film Festivals
Description: The Bermuda International Film Festival is a registered charity established in 1997. Our mission is to advance the love of independent film from around the world, and create a community welcoming to filmmakers and filmgoers.

Big Bear Lake International Film Festival & Screenwriting Competition
Category: Screenwriting Competitions
Description: The Big Bear Lake International Film Festival is a non-profit organization dedicated to showcasing emerging screenwriters, film talent and independent films. Our goal is to create a forum by bringing upcoming filmmakers and industry professionals together, staged in the Big Bear Lake Community.

Big Film Shorts
Category: Distributors
Description: Big Film Shorts is a film distribution company that specializes in short films, as well as other media and formats. We serve both as sales agents for filmmakers with whom we have contracts and as consultants for film bookers and programmers, drawing on the films in our catalog as well as films we select from third-party sources.

Big Gun Productions
Category: Motion Picture Production Companies
Description: Big Gun Productions is a small production company based in Southeast Iowa that is producing independent films that fall outside of the Hollywood circle. We are a new company but; we are dedicated to making films of quality for the whole family.

Big Island Film Festival
Category: Film Festivals
Description: Big Island Film Festival, an independent narrative film festival, held its debut on May 18-21, 2006 on the fabulous Gold Coast of the Big Island of Hawaii as result collaborative effort of Big Island Film Festival, LLC., Waikoloa Beach Marriott, Hilton Waikoloa Village and Waikoloa Land Company. The purpose of the Big Island Film Festival is to celebrate the independent narrative film and the independent narrative filmmakers. This celebration will bring together locals, visitors, filmmakers and industry professionals in an entertainment event that will include movies, music, parties, receptions, Filmmaker and Actor Salutes, an Awards Brunch, Hawaiian culture, filmmaker symposiums and a charity golf tournament.

Big Red Music
Category: Music & Composers
Description: Big Red Music specializes in composing original music that will enhance your TV spot, or film/video production. Big Red specializes in edgy, orchestral scoring with a percussive flair.

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